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Lubricants and the NSR

For a number of years now, on both and now here at NSR-WORLD.COM we have been singing the praises of Rock Oil lubricants and maintenance products. Now, with their kind permission, we are happy to include detailed product specifications and contact information.

Many thanks to Greg Hewitt and Jeff Savage of Rock Oil South West for their support!


These first two products will benefit any NSR rider, on the street or track. They are currently used by the NSR-WORLD.COM staff, and are specifically recommended by Rock Oil!

Engine Oil: Synthesis 2 Injector.

Primary consideration for all 2-stroke owners has to be the engine lubrication, and Synthesis 2 Injector has been top of our list for over 10 years now!

Synthesis 2 Injector is an improved evolution of the hugely popular 'Synthesis 2' and is most suited for use in an injector system, but has also successfully been used as a pre-mix oil. The formulation is now certified to the highest Global Specification ISO-E-GD


A fully synthetic 2-stroke lubricant made from a variety of different synthetic base stocks including Polyol Esters and Poly Iso Butylenes which have been successfully coupled with advanced additive technology.


The following riders have enjoyed considerable success with 'Synthesis 2'.

George Jobe - 500cc World Champion.
Jamie Whitham, Terry Rymer, John Reynolds, Simon Buckmaster, and Peter Graves in 500cc GP.

Darren Dixon / Andy Hetherington and Sean Smith / Steve Abbott in Sidecar Grand Prix Racing.

Synthesis 2 Injector must not be used
in conjunction with castor based oils.

Synthesis 2 Injector will mix with Leaded or Unleaded Petrol, Avgas and Octane Boosters but not Methanol.

Transmission Oil: G.R.O. Racing Gear Oil.

All NSR models will benefit from a high quality fully synthetic transmission oil such as  G.R.O. Racing Gear Oil.


G.R.O. is an advanced synthetic formulation motor cycle gear-box oil covering the 10w/40 or 75w/90 viscosity range.

Designed to reduce friction and protect over a wide temperature range, G.R.O. can operate from as low as -30°C through to the heat of racing, whilst affording maximum anti wear protection and correct clutch lubrication (where used with an oil immersed clutch).


The following features make G.R.O. an ideal choice for modern compact high power, high load multi speed gear boxes.

Racing: Castor Kart 100.

Not specifically recommended by Rock Oil for the NSR, but a worthwhile and  cheaper alternative proposition to the specified Castor based oils in the HRC manuals.


CASTOR KART 100 has been formulated to provide exceptionally clean burning characteristics in air cooled Kart motors. To achieve this CASTOR KART 100 contains a high proportion of synthetics. Optimum lubrication is therefore provided at 18000rpm when using the recommended ratio of 20:1*.

*NOTE:  HRC specify a fuel/oil ratio of 30:1


The benefits of using CASTOR KART 100 include:

HRC recommended racing lubricants are:

ELF HTX 975 (part # 88881-NF4-610)
HTX 976 (part # 88881-NF4-900)
Castrol A747 (part # 88882-ND4-000)

Suspension: Medium Fork Oil.

Another fully synthetic high performance oil, suitable for any NSR suspension rebuild.

Medium Fork Oil is blended using technologically advanced synthetics together with the very latest additive technology to improve its anti-foaming properties and prolong seal life. It has an extremely high viscosity index to maintain damping at elevated temperatures whilst ensuring correct suspension operation at low temperatures.

Medium Fork Oil is stable under pressure and is compatible with air, nitrogen or argon charged suspension systems. It is also suitable for use in cartridge forks.

With a new formulation and upgrading to synthetic technology, the new Medium Fork Oil offers excellent performance and longer service life, especially under extreme conditions of use such as racing. In addition it offers excellent anti-wear protection and a high resistance to water contamination and degradation.

Editor's note:

NSR-WORLD.COM regards fully synthetic oils of paramount importance for the longevity of all components and has been using Rock Oil lubricants and products for over 5 years without any major mechanical failures.

Rock Oil now has an official importer on the West Coast USA. Contact Gary Rabe at International Products, 16339 South Kennedy, Los Gatos, California, 95032 for distributor information or visit the official website!

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NSR-WORLD.COM accepts no responsibility for mechanical failure or unexpected performance arising from the interpretation of this information.

All information edited directly from 'spec sheets' supplied by
Rock Oil South West.